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3 Signs of being a perfectionist.

September 9, 2021

Are you a perfectionist?


Maybe you consider yourself a high-achiever, a results-driven person, and someone who knows how to hold it all together perfectly.

But doesn’t this get stressful for you?


Needing to keep up appearances or draining acts to portray a certain image to others?


Many empaths, highly-sensitive people (HSPs), women, and of course...empath women and sensitive women struggle with perfectionism on a daily basis.


What was once seen as an admirable character trait to have has now turned into a draining act that many of us can’t keep up anymore.


If you’ve ever struggled with perfectionism, you know how tough it can feel to be hyper-critical of ourselves, behavior, appearance, and actions.


If you’ve ever wondered if you might be a perfectionist, stay tuned for this episode where I will share 3 signs that might make you a perfectionist.


If you’re an empath who is struggling with self-limiting beliefs + behavior like this, or you’re having trouble with things like setting healthy boundaries or managing the energetic drain and overwhelm that so often comes with being an empath, then…


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