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Dreaming Up New Possibilities: Why I Started Doing Intuitive Readings

In today's episode, Naomi catches you up on the energy at play that was ushered in by the Full Moon in Pisces that we all experienced on September 10th, 2022. We talk about our deepest passions, creative dreams, and following our heart by trying things differently. 


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Expanding Horizons: I Opened a Crystal, Jewelry, + Gift Shop!

So, I've been working on something behind the scenes for a while now...


I opened an online crystal shop! The Modern Muse Crystal Shop!

We are proud to be a Black and AAPI Owned Small Business.

Woman-owned, family operated.

Our crystal, jewelry, and gift shop was created with self-care in mind for the modern muses of the world.

Each item in our shop has been handpicked and curated to bring more inner peace, love, and joy into your life.

Shop at for all your crystal self-care needs.


Thank you + Mahalo!

🌺  Naomi

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The Magic of Setting Intentions: New Moon in Pisces.

Happy New Moon in Pisces! Join Naomi for a freestyle riff episode on manifestation, the magic of setting intentions, how to use the New Moon in Pisces energy to manifest your dream life. Stay tuned for an on-air oracle card pull as well!











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How to start a business as an introverted empathic entrepreneur.

Have you found yourself struggling to find the balance between your empathic, compassionate self and your inner entrepreneur?
Kelly is an intuitive business coach primarily working with those who own and operate energetic, creative and/or healing businesses.
She began her professional career in accounting and finance but found herself searching for a more fulfilling way to use her financial skills. She left retail banking to manage a wellness center where she discovered her love for crystals, meditation and energy healing.
Now, the owner of a successful crystal shop, Kelly fuses her finance background with her love for holistic wellness and brings her business know-how to other people looking to create stable financial flow in their own healing business.
Kelly emphasizes the need to create community in your business and prioritizes community over competition at all times.
To connect with Kelly, visit her at the following links:
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How to find your true calling with astrology.

Have you ever struggled with finding your true calling? Maybe you’ve worked in a career that just wasn’t suited to you?


Or maybe there’s something that lights you up that you feel led to do, but you’re unsure if it’s even a viable plan?


My most recent podcast guest, Cat Rose Neligan, said, “Being an introvert isn’t an excuse not to live your best life.”


Cat is an astrologer, writer, coach INTJ, and creative introvert who is dedicated to helping others find their true calling. Cat's fascination with astrology began as an extension of her interest in personality typology. She soon found out the study of the stars had much, much more to offer, and has been learning as much as she can ever since.


Cat now incorporates astrology into her work coaching creative introverts, helping artists, writers, musicians and all kinds of creatives to better understand themselves, identify their calling, and share their work with the world.


Join us for an episode where we dive into topics like introversion (and the challenges it brings in business), astrology and how to use it as a tool to improve your life, mercury retrograde, and Saturn returns.


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Boundary tips from a former metalhead librarian.

Are you an introverted empath? Have you struggled with the energetic and emotional drain that comes with being a highly-sensitive person?


One of the most valuable tips that I’ve heard as an empath was, “As you get older you have to take back that energy and turn it towards yourself. Towards making sure that you as an empath are cared for. That you’re taking the time you need. And that you are aware of your own boundaries energetically with people. It’s important to learn to say no. There is an energetic cost to pay.”


“You recognize your patterns and you start to accept that you can’t keep doing what drains you. You learn to say no and protect your own energy. Be kind with yourself about it, because people are going to be disappointed with you.”


These words of wisdom came from my latest podcast guest, Anna-Marie O’Brien, a writer, author, writing coach, and former metalhead librarian.


Anna-Marie O'Brien grew up in Ohio as a fan of rock music and good books. After working for a record label in the early 1990's, she spent almost 20 years as a public librarian. She now coaches writers through their creative pauses, and is currently working on her third book. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Sign up for her newsletter at and follow her on Instagram at @metalheadlibrarian.


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Improve your life with meditation as an Introverted Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Have you ever tried meditation? Ever wondered how it could improve the lives of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), introverts, and empaths?


My latest podcast guest shared a wealth of wisdom when it comes to the topic of meditation and being a sensitive human being.


David Johnson is a life coach for introverts and highly-sensitive people, where he helps people gain confidence in themselves and in the lives that they wish to live by using the techniques that he has learned while studying Buddhism.


David is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), introvert, and INFJ who is currently located on the island of Maui, in Hawaii.


He is originally from the United Kingdom and spent seven years living in a Buddhist community studying meditation with a Tibetan Buddhist teacher when he was in his late twenties.


Now, David co-facilitates men’s mentoring circles in the local jail on Maui and has a passion for helping the quieter folk. He is an advocate for men who are struggling with understanding their personality type and are looking for strategies to be in the world without changing who they are.


Join us for this refreshing episode on meditation, where we debunk the myths, talk about its benefits, and a share a few simple tips to keep up your meditation practice.


One of my favorite things that David said was that, “It’s all about awareness (of the mind and what’s going on in there, and being there with what is…and allowing). Our mind is like a puppy and it takes us all over the place. You can sit anywhere and watch the breath going into your nose and out of your mouth (ex. The bathroom is not the most ideal place, but you can truly fit in breathing anywhere you are).”


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Eclipse Season: Closing out cycles and letting go of what no longer serves us.

Join Naomi for her final episode of Season 5! Let's dive into eclipse season for the rest of the 2021 year. 


Tune-in to join in on the conversation around the meaning of eclipse season, releasing old baggage, ending cycles, and making way for the new in 2022.


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3 Signs of being a perfectionist.

Are you a perfectionist?


Maybe you consider yourself a high-achiever, a results-driven person, and someone who knows how to hold it all together perfectly.

But doesn’t this get stressful for you?


Needing to keep up appearances or draining acts to portray a certain image to others?


Many empaths, highly-sensitive people (HSPs), women, and of course...empath women and sensitive women struggle with perfectionism on a daily basis.


What was once seen as an admirable character trait to have has now turned into a draining act that many of us can’t keep up anymore.


If you’ve ever struggled with perfectionism, you know how tough it can feel to be hyper-critical of ourselves, behavior, appearance, and actions.


If you’ve ever wondered if you might be a perfectionist, stay tuned for this episode where I will share 3 signs that might make you a perfectionist.


If you’re an empath who is struggling with self-limiting beliefs + behavior like this, or you’re having trouble with things like setting healthy boundaries or managing the energetic drain and overwhelm that so often comes with being an empath, then…


Then I’d love to invite you to join The Empath Empowerment Coaching Course!


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3 benefits of spending more alone time with yourself.

Alone time is necessary for us to recharge.


This is especially true for empaths, introverts, and highly-sensitive people (HSPs).


Having a nervous system that is highly attuned and sensitive to the emotions and energy of the people around them isn’t always a walk in the park.


When we don’t get enough alone time, we can find ourselves feeling frazzled, exhausted, overwhelmed, and about ready to throw in the towel.


Side note: If you’re an extrovert or you’re not an empath or sensitive, I still invite you to stick around because we as humans need alone time in general.


Alone time is critical for our individuality, personal sovereignty, and mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

We don’t always think about the impact that spending time with others all of the time does to us and our nervous systems.


So join me on this episode, where I’ll share 3 benefits of spending alone time and how it improves your relationship with yourself.


Getting alone time is essential for the empath who is tired of feeling energetically depleted and overwhelmed with the busy lives that we live.


If you’re an empath who is looking for guidance on managing energetic overwhelm, releasing limiting beliefs, and setting healthy boundaries in your relationships…


Then I’d love to invite you to join The Empath Empowerment Course!


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